Everywhere, at the same place

Always in
search of the
perfect wave.

The easy-going

You snooze, you don't lose.

After lying down on a surfboard, lie down in a tent. 



Your surf trips in Portugal have now a new member. Campers take you to the perfect beach and wait for you in the car – a car that turns into a “caravan” overnight.

You just have to enjoy every drop of the ocean as if there is no tomorrow. After all, to get “home” you just need to cross the sandy beach. 

Jeep® Renegade

A world of adventures.

Jeep® Compass

Explore all possibilities.


From Portugal

808 202 038

Other countries

(+351) 219 426 385


Av. Severiano Falcão Nº7-7A,
2689-522 Prior Velho, Portugal

(5 min from the Lisbon Airport)


Rua do Barreiro, 492 – Armazém A

4470-573 Maia


Estrada do Aeroporto de Faro – Edifício Hertz Montenegro

8005-146 Faro


Everything you need for your trip:

Camping Kit

Sleeping bag + Pillow + Torch


Portable Shower

Furniture Kit

2 Chairs + 1 Table

Kitchen Kit

Stove + Gas + Kitchen Set 2 pax


20L Cooler

Getting into adventure

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Camping KitShowerFurniture KitKitchen KitCooler